About Us

FF Racing is the official Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) team affiliated with the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. Our team consists of a group of motivated student engineers in the pursuit of automotive perfection. By May 2022 we will plan, build, and test a Formula-style vehicle for the International Collegiate Design Series competition.

To accomplish this, we are divided into teams of functional divisions working on Chassis, Aerodynamics, Suspension, Brakes, Electrical, Powertrain, and Ergonomics. To maximize performance and reliability of the vehicle while remaining cost-effective, teams work on computers in the College of Engineering to perform CFD and FEA analysis, and CAD modeling. We then bring our team together to work hands on in the automotive lab to assemble and test our vehicle.

Season Goals

This 2021-2022 season will be the revival of FF Racing. Last year, Covid-19 caused a complete shutdown of club operations, and the 2021 Collegiate Design Series event in Michigan was cancelled just weeks before it was scheduled to occur.

This year, our primary goal is to build a solid foundation that we can improve upon in the future. Long-term success is our number one priority, so we focus on becoming better every day, whether it be communication skills, engineering design, or parts fabrication. With constant adjustments and incremental improvement, we plan on reshaping what it means to be a part of FF Racing– by building a winning team that competes for years to come. This year, we have already gained a large base of 30 new members who will bring this program to its full potential.


We've had a long journey building Formula and Baja cars since 1990. Our team has thrived on the core values of persistence, innovation, and teamwork. Despite the challenges our team has faced, we have been resilient to ensure this program will continue to grow larger in the future.

        Our program has a rich history of building both Formula-style and Baja projects, dating back to the early 1990's. We have raced in multiple events and even placed 46th in the Baja SAE event for 2016-2017. FF Racing owes its success to our faculty advisors, alumni, engineering students, and the Tallahassee community, who all come together to make FF Racing possible.


Sponsorship Packet

Gold >$5,000

  1. Large logo on the trailer and car
  2. Inclusion in marketing and engagement initiatives
  3. Aluminum cut SAE poster with a special thanks
  4. A formal picture with the car hand signed by the team
  5. Autograph on the car

Silver $1,000-$4,999

  1. Medium logo on the trailer and car
  2. Inclusion in marketing and engagement initiatives
  3. Aluminum cut SAE poster with a special thanks
  4. Autograph on car

Bronze <$1,000

  1. Small logo on the trailer and car
  2. Aluminum cut SAE poster with a special thanks