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Sun Sparc Installation Guide

WARNINGS: There is no warranty of any kind on this free software. And there are copyrights by various authors.


This installation works on the following machine:

SunOS dingo 5.9 Generic_118558-38 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-880
and should work on anything that is binary compatible with that. (No, I have no clue what that means.) For other systems, look at installing on other operating systems. The machine must also have tcsh, as /usr/bin/tcsh, LaTeX, ghostscript, and Perl. If you want to use XeLaTeX, you also need that, pdftops, and pdftk.

Installation procedure

Note: The installation here assumes that you install from a text terminal, not a GUI. That is what I did. From a GUI, I think you should be able to follow the procedures from, say, the Ubuntu installation.

  1. Install the software mentioned above.
  2. Login as the user you will be when processing LaTeX documents. (If you want to install as root for multiple users, or use a RAM disk, see the FAQ.)
  3. Download or (This is almost 20 Mbytes, or over 50 Mbytes unzipped.)
  4. Unzip it to a convenient location, like in your home folder. Be sure to maintain the folder structure.
  5. Cd into the l2h folder and run install. In particular, if you unzipped l2h in your home folder do:
    cd l2h

See the "how_to_get_started" web page in the l2h help-files folder on how to get started. In particular, from a terminal, do

source l2h/init.bat
cp -pr l2h/example document1
cd document1
call l2h_menu.desktop

L2h requires that the terminal window is at least 24 lines of 80 characters. That should be the default. Unfortunately, it is not always. If not, try playing with the settings in the terminal menu. After changing the size to 80x24, you will need to press the "-" key to get things to refresh. It is recommended that you enable the terminal bell if possible.

For installation problems, look in trouble_shooting.

Important: Updating l2h

Whenever you move l2h elsewhere, (which you should avoid doing if possible), you must rerun install_l2h. Before doing so, exit all other l2h windows. Afterwards you will also need to update all document folders outside l2h that you are still working on. To update a document folder, replace the "l2h_menu" file in it by a copy of the updated one in the "example" folder of l2h.


L2h makes zero changes to your system. Simply delete the l2h folder and the zip file in which you downloaded it and it is completely gone. The other software you may have installed in order to use l2h, like LaTeX, perl, ghostscript, pdftk, and pdftops will have to be uninstalled each separately following their procedures.
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