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Creating a new theme


Suppose that you have created a nice color scheme with matching buttons. You want to be able to share this with others. Or simply have this scheme as an option for a different document when you ask l2h to change the theme. How do you do it?

The first thing to know is what a theme means to l2h. To l2h a theme is simply a subfolder inside the l2h themes folder that contains a set of buttons, plus matching index.css and files.

So to create the theme, copy the buttons folder of your document to inside the l2h "themes" subfolder. Change the name of the buttons folder inside the themes subfolder into something meaningful, like "red-white". (Keep it short and avoid spaces. Compare the examples already there. Beyond 22 characters, your name will get truncated in the themes menu.) Now use the B button in the second l2h menu to select the just created theme buttons, instead of the ones in your document folder. (If you skip this step, the buttons cannot be found by other documents.) After that, simply copy the index.css and of your document folder in with the buttons in the just-created theme folder. That is it.

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