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Format Selection Web Page


The example folder contains a web page "index.html". This web page is can be used as a parent web page for the document. It is a format selection page: it allows a viewer to either select the web page version of your document or the pdf one. The headers and footers of the format selection page are updated just like the ones of the web pages.

You might of course want to add things to the selection page, and/or remove either link to the web page version or the pdf version.

The predecessor of l2h used complicated and convoluted schemes to allow such modifications. These have been removed to keep things more simple for l2h. The reasoning is that someone capable of editing a LaTeX file would not have to much trouble making changes to the format selection screen.

Just go into it with a text editor. For example, if you want to remove the link to the pdf version of your document, simply take out the line

   <li><a href="index.pdf">pdf</a>
Save and reload the page in your browser to check.

If you want to add a link to something else, just add a line of the form

   <li><a href="URL">BLAH BLAH</a>
to the list. Here URL is the item to load, (like you find in the location bar of your web browser), eg., and BLAH BLAH the description of the item.

You can also apply Microsoft Word or some html editor on the format selection screen. If the html editor messes up the embedded comments, l2h will no longer be able to update the headers and/or footers of the page. But you know know how to do it yourself.

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