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The LaTeX2HTML Manual


Various things that are said in the latex2html manual do not apply when you use l2h. In particular:

  1. You document must be called index.tex.
  2. Edit, not .latex2html-init as the manual says. L2h will create its own .latex2html-init based on and other information.
  3. If you edit, note that if you unset SHORT_INDEX, you need to go into index.css and remove the float from the DT tag style.
  4. When using the example documents, l2h will replace the \usepackage[...]{inputenc} put into images.tex by latex2html by whatever it finds in the internationalization section of index.tex. If there is no such section, the inputenc line stays as set by latex2html.

After reading the above warnings, here is the link to latex2html.pdf.

Consider also the documentation on hthtml, which is convenient for inserting url strings.

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