So­lu­tion an­gub-b


What is the mag­netic quan­tum num­ber of a macro­scopic, 1 kg, par­ti­cle that is en­cir­cling the $z$-​axis at a dis­tance of 1 m at a speed of 1 m/s? Write out as an in­te­ger, and show dig­its you are not sure about as a ques­tion mark.


Show­ing all dig­its as a ques­tion mark is not ac­cept­able, of course.

The clas­si­cal an­gu­lar mo­men­tum is 1 m dis­tance times 1 kg times 1 m/s, or 1 J s. Since that should be $m\hbar$ with $m$ the mag­netic quan­tum num­ber, you get

m = \frac{1\mbox{ J s}}{\mbox{1.054 57 10$\POW9,{-34}$ J s...
...mbox{9 482 3?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???}