Welcome to our research group at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering! We focus on advanced construction materials, and their applications in structures and infrastructures.

Our Research

Our mission is to improve the sustainability and resilience of buildings and infrastructures by integrating advanced construction materials and technologies. Read more

Our Team

We thrive to create a dynamic and diverse research group. Find more about opportunities to join us!

Dr. Qian Zhang's LAB

The mission of our research lab is to integrate advanced construction materials and technologies to improve the structural performance, durability, resilience and energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures. Our current research interest includes:

  • High-performance and multi-functional cementitious materials
  • Innovative application of advanced materials in structures and infrastructure
  • Multi-scale characterization and modeling of construction materials
  • Processing of construction materials
  • Structure rehabilitation
  • Durability and deterioration of materials
  • Structure fire safety