Reza Seyedi

Postdoctoral Researcher at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering


About Me

My research is cimputational mechanics for emerging transportation applications, such as active and passive safety of autonomous vehicles, human-structure interactions, and biomechanics and I work at the Florida State University department of Civil Engineering. I joined the Crashworthiness& Impact Analysis Laboratory (CIAL) in 2016 as a graduate research assistant to pursue my Ph.D. My research interests lies between the areas of structural mechanics, dynamics, and transportation safety using computational, data-driven simulation models, and deep learning. I have a Bachelor in Mechanical and Master in Automotive Engineering.

In addition, I have over 4 years of industry experience in numerical simulations of various types of composite and steel structures (amusement park rides) under different load conditions.

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My Software Skills

Finite Element Analysis (e.g., LS-DYNA, ANSYS, ABAQUS)95%
Programing (e.g., MATLAB, R and Python) 90%
Vehicle Dynamics (e.g., ADAMS and PC-CRASH) 85%
CAD Software (e.g., CATIA, SolidWork) 80%
Autonomous Driving Simulation (e.g., CARLA) 60%

Sample Research Projects

I have been involved in several academic and industrial projects since 2010. This experiences have allowed me to build on and improve my numerical modeling skills with application in impact, failure and fatigue analysis. It was a great opportunity for me to strengthen my abilities in both practical and theoretical aspects. I learned how to adapt myself to various work conditions, how to communicate well with people and more importantly how to manage, prioritize my tasks to fulfill my duties on time. Here you can see the details of some projects that I have done. If you have any question or want to know more about each project, please do not hesitate and contact me.

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Safety of Autonomous Vehicle 2019-present

We are collaborating with Jacksonville Transportation Authority who implements the biggest autonomous shuttle bus project in the U.S, to conduct the probability risk-assessment regarding the safety of road users.

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Vehicle Crashworthiness & Biomechanics 2016-present

We worked directly with the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation and Center for Applied Biomechanics in University of Virginia to identify the important characteristics of bus rollover crashes.

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Numerical Simulation of Structures 2010-2016

Multi-opjective optimization of the crashworthiness parameters for thin-walled Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) composite tube, and structural analysis and design of several theme park rides

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Journal and Conference Publications [Google Scholar Link]

  1. Seyedi, MohammadReza, Sungmoon Jung, Arda Vanli, MohammadReza Koloushani. "Safety Performance Assessment of Collision Avoidance Systems Based on Real-World Crash Simulations " Transporation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 2020, (Under Review)

  2. Seyedi, MohammadReza, Sungmoon Jung, Jerzy Wekezer. ”Structural and Occupant Safety Assessment of Bus Rollover Crashes: An Integration of Dynamic and Finite Element Simulation Methods” International Journal of Crashworthiness , 1-16. (2020). [DOI]

  3. Seyedi, MohammadReza, Abolfazl Khalkhali. ”A Study of Multi-Objective Crashworthiness Optimization of the Thin-Walled Composite Tube Under an Axial Load” Vehicles, 2020, 2, 438-452. [DOI]

  4. Seyedi, MohammadReza, Sungmoon Jung, Grzegorz Dolzyk, and Jerzy Wekezer. ”Experimental assessment of vehicle performance and injury risk for cutaway buses using tilt table and modified dolly rollover tests.” Accident Analysis and Prevention. 132 (2019): 105287. [DOI]

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  10. Seyedi, MohammadReza, Grzegorz Dolzyk, Sungmoon Jung, and Jerzy Wekezer. ”Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Injury Risk in Cutaway Bus Side Impact Test.” ASME Verification and Validation conference Proceeding (V&V), Las Vegas, NV (2017).

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