DSP4FPGAs Bookmarks for Dr. Uwe Meyer-Baese

DSP with FPGAs on the WWW

Author Homepage of the book
Springer Verlag NY
Springer Verlag Germany

Device Vendors

Actel Corporation Home Page
Altera/Intel Web Site
Atmel FPGAs
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
Xilinx Home Page

EDA tools general

EDA Industry Working Groups
Main SNUG Page
Berkley Software


VHDL FAQ by comp.lang.vhdl
The Hamburg VHDL Archive
VHDL-Cookbook by Dr. Ashenden


Alternate Verilog FAQ
Rajesh Bawankule Verilog Center
Verilog Manual by Dr. Hyde


FCCM Home Page
Design Automation Conference
ICASSP 2020 Home Page
ISCAS 2020


Spiral Software/Hardware Generation of DSP Algorithms

DSP software

Maple Books


FFTW Home Page

FPGA mircoprocessor

Free cores
The Free IP Project
Cast uP (not free)
Digital core design (not free)
Dolphin Integration (not free)

Journals and Patents

EDN's annual PLD directory
c't - Shareware & PD
PC Magazine Online
Patent Searching on the WWW

Books and References

BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
BIBTEX Search engine
Online Encyclopedia
SiteCeer Online Paper Search
Google Scholar
ValoreBooks: Used book
IEEE Standards Book-Store
Powell's Books: Search Results
Amazon.com - Book buy