So­lu­tion hydc-d


What is the color of the light emit­ted in a Balmer tran­si­tion from an en­ergy level $E_n$ with a high value of $n$ to $E_2$?


It is like the pre­vi­ous ques­tion, ex­cept $E_n$ will be ap­prox­i­mately zero at high val­ues of $n$.

E_n-E_2 = \mbox{0 eV}+\mbox{3.4 eV}= \mbox{3.4 eV} \frac{\mb...
...POW9,{-19}$ J}}{\mbox{1 eV}} = \mbox{5.45 10$\POW9,{-19}$ J}

Di­vid­ing by $\hbar$ $\vphantom0\raisebox{1.5pt}{$=$}$ 1.054 10$\POW9,{-34}$ J s gives the an­gu­lar fre­quency to be 5.17 10$\POW9,{15}$/s, and then the wave length is 364 nm. That will be near ul­tra­vi­o­let. The tran­si­tion from $E_4$ will pro­duce blue-green light, from $E_5$ in­digo, and from $E_6$ vi­o­let.